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Real Estate Lessons from Monopoly

3 Real Estate Lessons from MONOPOLY
Starting in 1929, the Great Depression brought the United States economy to its knees. The stock market collapsed, nearly half of the US banks had failed, and at its height unemployment sat at 25% with over ...

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Crazy Tenant Excuses of why they don’t pay rent

After over 20 years in the real estate business, you get to hear a lot of excuses of why tenants don’t pay their rent. Some are sincere. Some are sad, but many are just plain crazy tenant excuses.

One of the ones that I find most ridic...

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Receivership Services

Real Estate Management Advisors (REMA) is serving the South Florida and Philadelphia area; we have the experience needed to provide effective turnaround and receivership services for real estate assets. Our goal is to protect your assets, by ma...

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Choosing the Best Property Manager for You

How to Pick the Best Property Manager
There are many property managers in the Philadelphia area. Many of them are very good. There are several factors that go into picking the best property manager for you. Here’s a list of questions to help...

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The Downward Spiral of Investment Real Estate

Last week, I signed up a new investment real estate client who owned a shopping center in the suburbs.

When I pointed out several areas of deferred maintenance that he hadn’t been keeping up with, he told me that it was because a few of hi...

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3 Costly Real Estate Investor Mistakes

Recently, I was introduced to an out-of-state real estate investor who had bought and rehabbed a large single family house in Fishtown. On our first conversation they told me that they were a seasoned real estate investor and agent from another...

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