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For years, here’s how selling real estate worked. Someone wanted to sell a piece of real estate agent they went to a real estate agent to sign a listing agreement. The agreement typically said that the listing agent would receive a commission of 3% of the sales price for taking pictures of the property and enter that information in the MLS or Multiple Listing Service. That information was then accessible to all of the other real estate agents (buyers agents) and potential buyers. The buyers agent would receive a commission of an additional 3% of the sales price. Often times many of those agents would show the property to potential buyers until one of them made an offer acceptable to the seller and then after a time period for the buyer to get inspections, a mortgage and title insurance, the property was officially sold.

As an example, if a property sold for $200,000, the total commissions would be $12,000 with each agent receiving $6,000. While the buyers agent brought the qualified buyer and made sure they did what was needed to close, all the listing agent did was take pictures of a property and enter the information in the MLS. We think that can be done for a lot less and save sellers a lot of money.

Here’s how it works…

  1. You sign a listing agreement with REMA to list your home with the total listing commission of $1,500. You will still have to pay the selling agent commission of 3%, but in the example above, that would be a savings of $4,500.
  2. Upload your property information.
  3. Upload pictures of your property. (We’ll come out to take some too)
  4. Fill out the sellers disclosure.

That’s it. We will enter the property into the MLS so that all of the buyers agents and buyers will see your property. (We’ll try to find a buyer too)

Your property is sold and you save most of money.

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