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Along with property management, REMA also specializes in both receivership & court ordered real estate auctions. This takes a particular expertise in working with property owners, creditors and the court to act as a receiver on real estate. Receivers are effectively court appointed property managers.

For secured creditors, a federal receivership can offer the quickest and most cost-effective method of gaining control over a borrower’s collateral upon default. A federal receivership maintains the value of the collateral by allowing the business to continue to operate. The receiver will preserve and protect the collateral as well as the financial integrity of the business as a going concern. In addition, the receiver may be able to stabilize the operations to mitigate further potential losses.

For the property owners, having a receiver in place can often help mitigate the fears of lenders that their collateral property is being adequately maintained and professionally managed.

Court Ordered Real Estate Auctions

REMA is also experienced at court ordered real estate auctions in and outside of bankruptcy court. We understand the complexity of dealing with the property owner, potential buyer, lender & the bankruptcy court.