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We are a full-service property management company, our goal is to maximize our clients profitability while decreasing their headaches.


Since 1993, I have been in the Philadelphia area real estate industry. For years I searched for a property manager who treated their clients' properties like an owner would treat them, but I couldn’t find one. In 2012, Real Estate Management Advisors, LLC - REMA was created for that purpose.

REMA was founded on several core principles:

100% Transparency Transparency

Our clients can have access to our web-based property management software and see exactly what is happening in real time.

Great Tenant Experience Experience

Our team is dedicated to good communication, respect and timely maintenance.

Think Like An Owner Think

With every decision we make, we ask ourselves what we would want done if we owned the property.

These principles have allowed REMA to grow into one of the area’s leading property management companies servicing all investment property types in Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery & Delaware Counties.


Property Management
As one of Philadelphia’s best property management companies, our management team will show prospective tenants vacant units, as they are readily available. We maintain showing schedule records and report all results to the client.
Commercial Services
REMA’s management team provides quality services to commercial vendors and understands the distinctive needs of each commercial property we manage.
Whether a 10 unit development or a 300 + unit complex, no job is too small or too large for one of Philadelphia’s best property management companies. We develop and implement streamline management tools...
REMA provides our clients with around the clock maintenance services to protect each property we manage. Our maintenance team is professionally licensed and insured, so we get the job done right the first time.
24/7 Home Watch
Real Estate Management Advisors also offers 24/7 Home Watch service to provide homeowners at ease during extended stays away or maintaining your vacation homes year-round.
We have the experience needed to provide effective turnaround and receivership services for real estate assets. Our goal is to protect your assets, by maximizing the value and income.

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“I had a very good experience with Real Estate Management Advisors. Ari was very pleasant to deal with. Always came through right away and was very comforting to talk to. I would definitely rent from them again. I would definitely recommend renting from them.” Helayne K
“Was an easy and quick experience. And I would recommend them to whoever is looking.” Brian F
“The best property management company in South Florida and Philadelphia” Daniel O