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5 ways to get your property rented quicker

It amazes me how nonchalant some real estate investors are about renting their property. Every month that a property sits vacant not only costs you money in lost revenue, it also puts you at risk for frozen pipes & break-ins.

Here are 5 things that every rental property owner should do to get their property rented quicker.

5. Keep it clean – You’re showing a place that someone will pay you money to live or work in. If you can’t handle basic cleanliness, how are they going to trust you to fix other repairs? I’m not talking about just surface level clean either. The inside of the refrigerator, the stove & the cabinets should all be cleaned. Imagine if you went on vacation and checked into a hotel and your room refrigerator was dirty and had someone’s old food in it? You’d probably check out immediately and never go back. Keeping it clean a simple thing that you can do to ease the mind of a prospective quality tenant.

2. Keep it smelling nice – Whether it’s new paint or the old tenants funk, bad smells are going to turn people off. Buy some air fresheners and put them out before showing an empty unit.

3. Put out toilet paper, soap & paper towels – This small extra step will give a prospective tenant a much better feeling if the need to use the facilities.

2. Curb appeal – How does your property look from the outside? In the winter, snow and ice should be cleared. In the spring & summer, grass should be cut & weeds should be pulled.

… and the number 1 thing that you should do to get your property rented quicker is to hire a competition property manager (like REMA). If you think that the above 4 things, along with advertising the property, showing the property, screening the tenants, drafting the lease & getting the new tenant to sign the lease is a lot of work and will take a lot of time, you’re correct. Hire a professional, get it done right the first time, which will allow you to focus on making money. Sign up with REMA and we’ll get your property rented quicker.